Sophia Stallone is best known for being the daughter of Rocky creator Sylvester Stallone and model Jennifer Flavin and being one of the most popular emerging American models. Having worked with the leading fashion brands such as Chanel and photographers such as Terry Richardson, Doug English, Michel Comte, and Davis Factor.

Sophia Stallone model

Born Name Sophia Rose Stallone
Nick Name Sophia
Occupation Model
Born: August 27, 1996, 26 years old and 9 months, Miami, Florida, United States
Sun Sign Virgo
5 ft 7 in or 170 cm
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Measurements: 35-24-36 inches (88.9 – 60.96 – 91.44 cm)
Bra size 34B


Ethnicity On her fathero side, she has Italian ancestry.

Family Life
Sophia Stallone is the older sister of Sistine and Scarlet Rose Stallone; she also has brothers named Sage and Seargeoh.
Her older brother Sage tragically passed away in 2012 from a heart attack. She began a relationship with Connor Spears.

Her uncle is actor and singer Frank Stallone, and she is the granddaughter of Jackie and Frank Stallone, Sr.

Granddaughter of Jackie Stallone and Frank Stallone Sr. Shirley and Donald Flavin.
Half-sister of Sage Stallone and Seargeoh Stallone.
Cousin of Nicole, Natalie, Eva Elattrache and Ryan, Brock, Jake, Luke Rubley.
Niece of Tricia and Neal Elattrache, Julie and T.J. Rubley, Patrick and Laurie Flavin, Tom, Mitch and Shannon Flavin, Frank Stallone.

Sophia Stallone was 2 1/2-month-old when undergoes open heart surgery at UCLA Medical Center. The procedure went well. She again needed a heart operation when she was 16 years old.

The birth of the young woman is an immense moment of joy for the couple but, quickly, this happiness darkens when the doctors discover that it has a cardiac malformation. A health problem that also suffered his half-brother Sage, who died in 2012 as a result of this disease.

Seemingly fully recovered, Sophia Stallone can focus on doing normal young girl things and her Instagram account is proof of that, because it shows lots of photos of her having fun and looking really good. We think you’ll agree that a crush is definitely brewing here.


This does not prevent her from having a fulfilling life where she can count on the help of her father, mother and sisters. The young woman eats well and even sports in small doses to avoid getting tired. Sophia Stallone is even studying at the University of Southern California. When she is not in school, she spends her time reading tons of books and watching movies … like her father, whom she is very close to. In 2017, the public discovers her on stage alongside her sisters Scarlet and Sistine during the Golden Globes, where all three are named Miss Golden Globes.

A communications major and sorority girl at the University of California, Sophia Rose Stallone is the oldest of three daughters that Sly has, with the trio of ladies making an appearance with their dad and mom, former model Jennifer Flavin, at this year Golden Globe Awards. Needless to say, they all caught the eyes of plenty of people.

Sophia Stallone is a total stunner, but she had her fair share of adversity, too, even undergoing open heart surgery back in 2012 at the age of 16, as reported by *Hello magazine But, according to that Hello mag piece, via Paris Match mag, she can only do what she can to keep herself as healthy as possible:

Every day I think of my heart, Sophie tells Paris Match magazine. I eat really healthy, and as I get more tired than normal, I have to be very careful when doing sports. Now I have to have surgery again because the tissue they put in 16 years ago has widened and I have problems with the valves. If all goes well, I will spend five days in the hospital.

Somewhat of a social media sensation, she has a large following on Instagram with more than 700,000 followers.

Sophia has not announced her plan of making career in acting as her father Sylvester Stallone.

She might also turn her career in modeling as her mother Jennifer Flavin. However, it would not be right to say anything about her career as no one knows her future plan.

Sophia is a fond of reading Shakespeareo books. She has read almost all books of Shakespeare.

Distinctive Features

High cheekbones
Sharp Nose

Brand Endorsements

Sophia Stallone has done modeling work for the leading fashion brands such as Dolce and Gabbana.
She has also used her strong social media presence to earn generous fees from the promotion of various products through her social media activity such as Fila, Samantha Vega, and DandG Beauty.


First TV Show

In 2005, she made her first TV show appearance in The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend episode of the game show, The Contender. However, her appearance in the show wasn’t credited.

Her first credited TV show appearance came on the talk show, Late Show with David Letterman, in 2010.

Personal Trainer

Sophia Stallone relies on Pilates to keep her enviable figure in perfect shape. She has even managed to get her father Sylvester Stallone, who is known for his bulging muscles, to attend the

Pilates classes.

Her congenital heart problem requires her to be very careful about physical exertions as she gets more tired easily as compared to normal people. She also makes sure that she eats a healthy diet, which is necessary for her health condition.

Sophia Rose Stallone Facts
At the 2017 Golden Globe Awards, she was named Miss Golden Globe along with her sisters Sistine and Scarlet.
When she was 2 months old, she was diagnosed with a cardiac malformation. The doctors operated on her to correct a congenital malformation of a valve.
In 2012, she had to undergo a surgery to take care of her heart complications.
She is reported to be a member of the Delta Gamma sorority.

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