Taylor Swift naked cyborg Watch Taylor Swift battle a naked cyborg in the Ready for It? video

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Singer Taylor Swift has released the ‘Ready for It?’ music video, and it sees her doing battle against a cyborg that is identical to her.

In the clip, Swift appears to evoke the spirit of Blade Runner as she walks through the gloomy and wet streets of a futuristic city in a hooded cape.

We’re then introduced to her naked cyborg clone, who is fitted with a Tron-like spacesuit before being placed onto a white horse as the pair prepare to clash.

The futuristic vibe of the video also seems pretty appropriate after it was revealed that Swift inspired a major villain in Blade Runner: 2049.

Blade Runner 2049 actress Sylvia Hoeks has revealed that she was inspired when it came to preparing for her villainous turn in the sci-fi sequel.

The actress, who plays nefarious replicant Luv, revealed how she was influenced by Swift being in the spotlight and under constant scrutiny.

“I looked at big celebrities, big singers, who are younger girls, like Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez”, she explained to Bustle.
“These people who have big platforms and have to have certain control in their life, because every little second of their day is probably somebody making a picture of them or putting them in the media. So their whole life kind of happens virtually.”

singer Taylor Swift has released the ‘Ready for It?’ music video, and it sees her doing battle against a cyborg that is identical to her.

Meanwhile, Swift was recently spotted filming another new music video at a kebab shop in Kentish Town, North London. She paid a surprise visit to Kentish Delight. A source claimed: “The video shows Taylor on a night out. All of the locations are places she has been to with Joe. She has spent months quietly going under the radar in London this year and has been out a lot more than anybody realises. It is quite telling that she has been hanging out in these regular and unexpected places… She wants to show people she is just a normal girl.”

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