Women Describe What It Feels Like When They’re Aroused.

1. You know that feeling like you’re going over a hill and you get that swoosh feeling in your stomach?It’s like that, but in my pants.

2. Its kinda like “Hey, I kinda wanna have sex” then after a while its like “Yeah, a penis around here would be pretty great”. Then a while later its like, “That dude probably fucks really good. I want to fuck him.”Then finally, “For the love of all that is holy, I want to fuck anyone.”

3. Can’t think about anything else but sex. Every word, every phrase. Constant pulsing, panties get wet, clit easily aroused just by moving in a chair. Lips get fat, skin tingles, hyperaware of your breasts in your bra and wanting them to be fondled. Constantly deep breathing trying to control the urges. Neck is hypersensitive, get a look in your eyes like an animal ready to feed.

4. It’s like peeing your pants a little and you feel this warm wetness. Which eventually becomes cold and uncomfortable after a while.

5. Ahh…for me, it’s the feeling of wanting to be filled so badly that it hurts. Like, it physically aches from how badly I need it. And the feeling of wanting to be touched is overwhelming, and craving the weight of a man on top of me.This is really sad but…I’ve been single for a while, and sometimes it gets so bad/overwhelming that I’ll actually cry :/ Oh god now I’ve made myself sad.

6. For me it starts in my neck and works its way down. When my toes curl and my body starts twisting in desire it’s usually because I’ve gone from goose bumps all over my body to trying to press myself deeper into my partner. I also almost feel ticklish.

7. Okay it’s like this: you’re a little hungry, and there’s this burger joint right down the street. Not a shitty McDonald’s or something—this high-end classy burger joint where everything tastes like heaven.

You’re not hungry hungry, just enough to notice it, but when you do you start thinking about that burger place…and it makes you hungrier, and you start to feel that emptiness in your belly, and you’re like “man, I could go for a burger.” So either A) you go get your burger and it feels so juicy and good and you feel full and happy afterwards and you get all fat and lazy or B) you ignore it/eat something else and it’s okay but it’s not nearly as satisfying.

Mostly (for me, anyway) horny is about scratching that itch and getting that fullness and satisfaction and all the happy hormones. Turned on is a whole different thing altogether and requires intimacy or mental stimulation.

8. Starts with a warm, tingling pulsation of my clit and increasing wetness and builds up from there, to the point of frustration where I have trouble thinking about anything other than my complete desire to be filled.

9. So I start off just getting a little bit flushed. I feel mildly hotter all over my body and I start to get really aware of how soft my skin feels. A mild touch of my hand on my thigh might send me shivering. I often rub my thighs together if I’m in public to alleviate the need to move, but it pretty much ends up with me getting hotter.

I can feel myself start to throb and my breathing starts to fluctuate. Then the thoughts start coming, every hot situation you’ve been in, all the guys you thought were cute, and all the fantasies you’ve been having lately. I often find myself thinking about a fantasy and have to abruptly stop or I’ll get really frantic with the need to have sex.

Something that always happens is the need to be filled, I can’t describe it but I just feel empty and want something in me; sliding. Even if you take care of yourself you can still feel the echoing throb, the clenching of your muscles wanting to pull something inside of you.

Yeah, also you get really wet.

10. Tingly and wet. When you want to touch yourself but can’t because you’re in class is the worst. Rubbing your thighs together just gives you a tiny pleasurable sensation.

11. For me, it starts out in a way that I imagine is similar to guys. I start getting distracted. In the car alone or when watching TV, I find myself subconsciously getting restless in my seat or touching my neck. I meet mediocre looking guys and immediately seek to confirm a vacant left ring finger, then start scrounging for their best attributes and justifying why I feel like I’m holding back to keep from pressing my body against them. It clouds everything. Then, once the engines are actually revved and you’re getting down to business with someone who is halfway talented, the touches are amplified, everything gets warm and relaxed, yet intense. I, personally, have a tendency to get needy and rush things. My hips want to grind. Then comes the entrance. Everything is warm and swollen and wet and the feeling of oh. god. yes. That’s what I’ve been looking for! It’s tingly and relaxing and satisfying…

Guys. Tip (ha): Don’t rush that moment. Get in, all the way in, and press your whole body against body, chest to chest, add a deep kiss, hold it for just another second and…then go to town.

12. I’ve always just felt warm (vagina wise) and it just kinda spreads to everywhere the longer it goes on. You know the weird feeling you get when you have goose bumps? I get that on my thighs/waist and have this desperate need to be touched. It’s even better when I’m already cold because then I just start imagining how warm and snuggly it would be to have somebody hold me or something, and it’s just like fuck man I don’t even care about who it is anymore, just do it.

13. It’s a slow build-up. It just starts as a slow dull pulse combined with a pleasurable ache that starts to put pressure on your clit. It starts to build, the pulse turns into a teasing throb, you can feel the slickness building. You can’t move in your seat without having the urge to continue to grind down to get some relief. It just gets more intense, builds, and won’t stop until you finally get a much-needed release.

14. You get a “rush” of warmth that goes from your abdomen to between your legs. It’s kind of like feeling queasy, but not quite unpleasant. It can feel a little overwhelming, so that’s where the squirming comes in. The whole area feels warm and all you can think about is getting fucked in the most depraved, primordial manner. You look at people and think about fucking them. The way a man sits becomes attractive. A girl bending over is too. It becomes impossible to concentrate on anything else.

Women Describe What It Feels Like When They re Aroused

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