Mia Stammer

Mia Stammer is Best Known For Her beauty and fashion YouTube channel called MamaMiaMakeup, where she has more than 4 million subscribers. The channel provides DIY hacks relating to beauty, makeup, hair dying tricks.
Her vlogging channel called Mia Stammer which again is a creative and entertaining channel based on her daily activities to performing challenges. She has more than 1 million subscribers on this channel.
Her other social media sites where she is very much popular as well with more than 1.5 million followers on Twitter, more than 50k followers on Facebook, and more than 2 million followers on Instagram.


Mia Stammer youtuber, singer

Born Name Mia Stammer
Born: August 01, 1994, 24 years and 11 months, Okinawa, Japan
Occupation YouTuber, Beauty Guru, Singer
Sun Sign Leo
Hair Color Dark Brown (Natural), She often tends to dye her hair ‘blonde’.
Eye Color Dark Brown (Natural), She wears contact lenses.
Height 5 ft 5 in or 165 cm
Measurements 36-25-35 in or 91.5-63.5-89 cm
Bra Size: 32D

Genre Hip-hop, Pop
Instruments Vocals

Father – He is a police officer by profession.
Siblings – Andrew Stammer (Older Brother)

If a list of inspirational YouTubers has to be compiled, then Mia Stammer definitely deserves a spot. It would be an understatement to call her channel a heck of a fun ride, because it not only filled with beauty tutorials, but also with videos that make you burt into laughter. Yep, her short skits like ‘Back to school: Then vs Now’, ‘My realistic morning routine’, and ’10 Things lazy people do’ are just the right videos to tickle your funny bones. And her vlogs are things that are worth losing your day productivity over. Mia carpool karaoke and random grocery shopping vlogs will have you giggling over her silliness. Mia Stammer has already carved a niche for herself.

Mia Stammer might be the proud owner of 2 hit ‘YouTube’ channels, but she sure did have the humblest of beginnings! Maria started off her career by working as a waitress. She worked at a modest family restaurant for almost 3 years before changing her career path. Since she belonged to a small town and had a lot of time to spare, Maria would find herself browsing through the endless choices that ‘YouTube’ has to offer. This got Miss Stammer all inspired to start a channel of her own, where she could share her thoughts with a small audience base. Then, Stammer didn’t expect her channel to grab a lot of attention.

Maria channel ‘MamaMiaMakeup’ is all about beauty and beyond. And if you want to dig more into great hair color tutorials? Then this channel is your answer. Or what about some DIY acne masks that Mia swears by? Be it fashion, beauty, hair, bedroom hacks or even some pool party hacks and DIYs, Mia channel is definitely the go-to. ‘MamaMiaMakeup’ is the perfect blend of all things amazing and the fact that she has over 3 million subscribers, does speak for itself!

Mia second channel is an extension of her awesomeness and has been offering entertaining vlogs on a daily basis. ‘Mia Stammer’ is what you need to binge watch during those slow days. From eccentric shopping vlogs to hilarious challenges, Mia has gone to prove just how lovable and fun ‘YouTube’ personality she is.

It might take a while to jot down all the different things that make Mia Stammer special beyond words. Her sense of humor definitely tops the list and is a special ingredient that makes all her videos a treat to watch.
Mia is also adored for how she encourages her viewers to live life the more positive way and sometimes also vlogs about how she copes with occasional anxiety attacks. Mia loves to pour her heart out and do whatever it takes to make the days of her fans a little more sunny and bright, and that definitely is special trait!

Not just ‘YouTube’ and vlogs, Mia Stammer is also quite the blogger. She has a blog of her own that focuses on answering questions asked by her fans and even sharing her tips on lifestyle and fashion.

Maria Stammer was born on August 1st 1994, in Okinawa, Japan, but later moved to LA California, USA. Not much is know about her parents or family. As a child, Mia always wanted to become a nurse, but decided to focus on making ‘YouTube’ her full time career. She openly professes her love for ‘Starbucks’ and Boba Tea, and even goes on to joke that she’d marry the guy that shares the same beverage interest.

Mia Stammer is managed by Matter Media Group, Los Angeles, California, United States.

Distinctive Features
Rounded face with squared jawline
Has a mole below the left corner of her mouth
Long hair often styled wavy.

As a Singer
She has released an original single For The Dog on her YouTube channel MamaMiaMakeup.

Other Show
In 2017, she appeared in a YouTube series called Chat Like Love.

Mia Stammer Favorite Things
Starbucks Drinks – Black coffee, Sweetened Green Ice Tea, Caramel Frappuccino
YouTuber – Alice Speed
Disney Character – Olaf
Singer – Adam Lambert
Song – “My Heart” by Paramore
Her favorite artist is “This Wild Life”.

Mia Stammer Facts
She moved to California when she was 5 years old.
Mia had her first boyfriend at the age of 13.
She describes herself as lazy, moody and random.
She has worked as a waitress for 3 months.
Mia does not like Justin Bieber.
Mia suffers from severe acne and have to use skim cream to keep it under control.
Her father is white American and Mother Japanese.
She has collaborated with Alisha Marie to produce some her videos an the two seem to be great friends.
She is doing General Education in school and does is not sure what she will specialize in.

FacebookTwitterInstagramGoogle+, and YouTube.

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