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Tyga Brings Out Jane Soul
Jane is a Ukrainian girl who made her way to Miami years ago after her dreams of becoming an American Idol fell through. Yes, Jane auditioned for the show and Randy Jackson was all like; “that’s a no for me, dog.” But Jane’s dreams didn’t end with your boy Randy shutting her down, she turned herself into her own American Idol, an icon.

Jane started practicing twerking and got really good at it, so good that she;’s basically made a career out of the dance and has now made her way over to a yacht that rapper Tyga rented in Miami this week.

You already know who Tyga is because he dated an underage Kylie Jenner for years before she got knocked up by Travis Scott and he moved on to date a bunch of look a-likes. Tyga was also showing Demi Rose around when she first left the “brothel” that is Taz’s Angels.

We can assume Tyga was filming content with Jane Soul and some other IG models for his OnlyFans account, which is apparently pretty x-rated. Here is our girl Jane, showing off her pole licking skills on the boat!


cool girl
Cool Girl

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Cool Girls erotica

Cool Girl

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