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Alexandra Breckenridge is best known for being cast as Jessie Anderson in the AMC horror TV series, The Walking Dead. Having done voiceover work for a series of characters, including guest celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, in the popular animated comedy series, Family Guy and having played the role of young Moira O’Hara in the first season and the role of Kaylee in the third season of the popular TV show, American Horror Story.

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Other names: Alex Breckenridge
Occupation: Actress, voice actress, photographer
Years active: 1998–present
36 years and 11 months
Hair Color Dark Brown (Natural), However, she often goes for blonde and auburn hue hair colors.
Eye Color Hazel
Height 5 ft 7½ in or 171 cm
Measurements 36-26-37 in or 91-66-94 cm
Bra size 34B
Official Website

Michael Weatherly (Maternal Uncle) (Actor), Leland Davis Breckenridge, Jr. (Maternal Grandfather), Patricia Ruth Hetherington (Maternal Grandmother)

Alexandra Breckenridge is represented by the Los Angeles based Atlas Artists (Talent Management Company).

Distinctive Features
Defined jawline
High cheekbones

Alexandra Breckenridge began her career with supporting roles in the teen comedy films Big Fat Liar (2002) and She’s the Man (2006).
She later played reporter Willa McPherson in the series Dirt, and had a supporting role on the short-lived series The Ex List.
She is also the voice of various characters on the animated television series Family Guy.
She starred in the first season of FX’s American Horror Story: Murder House as young Moira O’Hara, and portrayed Kaylee in the third season, American Horror Story: Coven.

Early life
Alexandra Breckenridge was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut. She lived in Darien, Connecticut, until the age of 10, when she and her mother moved to Los Angeles.
A year later, they moved to Mill Valley, California. At age 13, Breckenridge became interested in acting, photography, and singing.
At age 15, she and her mother moved back to Los Angeles to pursue Breckenridge’s acting career. She is the niece of actor Michael Weatherly.

Career – Acting
Alexandra Breckenridge guest starred as Shelly Weaver on Freaks and Geeks in 2000. When she was 15, she met James Franco at an audition. She was surprised that Franco recognized her on the set of Freaks and Geeks.
She also guest starred on Dawson’s Creek, CSI, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, Undeclared, Medium, and JAG.
She guest-starred as Francise in three episodes of Opposite Sex.
In 2002, she appeared in the film Big Fat Liar, starring Frankie Muniz, as Jason Shepherd’s older sister Janie.

Alexandra Breckenridge has had numerous voice roles on the animated television series Family Guy. During an interview with FHM, she stated, “When I first went for Family Guy, I auditioned for a guest voice. I don’t know why, but creator Seth MacFarlane really likes the sound of my voice. I’ll never understand that. He just liked me and they call me back all the time to do different things.”
Breckenridge often does celebrity impressions on the show, such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Renée Zellweger. She also had roles on MacFarlane’s web series Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy. She guest starred in the episode “With Friends Like Steve’s” of American Dad!, also created by MacFarlane.

In 2006, Alexandra Breckenridge starred as Monique in the film She’s the Man. She starred as Willa McPherson in the series Dirt from 2007 to 2008. She has appeared in a couple of shows that have later been cancelled.
In 2009, Breckenridge co-starred in the independent film The Bridge to Nowhere by Blair Underwood.
She also had a role in the film Ticket Out.

Alexandra Breckenridge had a recurring role in season four of HBO’s True Blood, and also in season one of FX’s American Horror Story as Moira O’Hara, the ghost of a maid trapped in the house in which she was employed. She also returned for several episodes in season three of the show, American Horror Story: Coven, as Kaylee: a young witch who excels in pyrokinesis.[8][9]

In 2015, Alexandra Breckenridge began playing Jessie Anderson in season five of the AMC series The Walking Dead.
In 2015, she next co-starred in the psychological thriller Dark from executive producer Joe Dante and director Nick Basile.
In 2017 Breckenridge appeared in the recurring role of Sophie, Kate’s childhood friend and Kevin’s ex-wife, on the first season of NBC drama series This Is Us; she was promoted to the full-time cast for the series’ second season.

Alexandra Breckenridge is interested in photography and has her own darkroom in her apartment.
At age 24, she began taking photography seriously as a form of self-expression.
Her then-boyfriend Bryten Goss helped her with lighting.
In 2008, she had her first exhibit with Shalon Goss hosted by her uncle Michael Weatherly and presented by Edgar Valera.
She said, “I had so much to express emotionally with this show. Each photo is an expression of myself and the things I have gone through in the last three years. From my perspective, the purpose of art is to evoke feeling and to inspire. That’s all I hope to achieve.”

Personal life
In September 2015, Alexandra Breckenridge married guitarist Casey Hooper.
On September 3, 2016, she gave birth to the couple’s first child, Jack Breckenridge Hooper.
In August 2017, she announced that they are expecting their second child.

Alexandra Breckenridge has several tattoos, which get covered by make-up for her on-screen projects, but not during photoshoots. She has said about them, “We cover them up. Some make-up artists are better than others, but there’s airbrushing, and there’s a sort of latex waterproof paint, body paint obviously.”

First Film
In 2002, she made her theatrical film debut playing the minor role of Anna in the comedy movie, Orange County. However, her work in the movie was uncredited.
Her first credited appearance came in another comedy movie of 2002, Big Fat Liar. She played the role of Janie Shepherd, who was the older sister of the lead male character.

First TV Show
In 2000, Alexandra made her first TV show appearance in the Valentine’s Day Massacre episode of teen drama TV series, Dawson’s Creek. She played the role of Kate Douglas on the show.

Alexandra Breckenridge Favorite Things
Horror Movies – The Shining (1980), Rosemary’s Baby (1968), Amityville Horror (1979)

Alexandra Breckenridge Facts
She got interested in photography, acting, and singing as a 13-year-old. At that time, they were living in Mill Valley, California.
Her interest in acting was sparked by the work she had done in the local theater productions.
She was cast in the lead role for the pilot of the UPN drama show, Mystery Girl. However, the show wasn’t picked up as the prospective backers weren’t sure that a single female detective led TV series would be successful.
When Alex was 15 years old, she and her mother moved to Los Angeles to help her pursue a career in Hollywood.
Apart from acting, she is very much into photography and even has a dark room in her apartment. Her work has been displayed in several Los Angeles based art galleries.
In 2008, she held her first photography exhibition in partnership with Shalon Goss. The exhibit was presented by Edgar Valera and hosted by her uncle Michael Weatherly.
She was cast in the 2005 movie, The Jacket. However, her scene was cut from the final edition of the movie.
Alex is very fond of tattoos and often has to rely on makeup or body paint to cover her body art for her acting commitments.
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